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I was looking through my lad's drawings today. He's fourteen and pretty much expresses everything by his drawings, so I can pretty much gauge how he's feeling not so much by the slam of the door, but more how hard he's sketching on his pad. He's taken to digital art over the past year or so and transferred some of his drawings from his younger days; it's great to see how he keeps improving as he goes along. It's better than a photo album, though, really, because there's no airs and graces in the poses, and he's probably at his most honest when he's drawing. He's a little hard to read at times, but with his drawings, it's lovely just to see how his moods swings are more easily visualized. I wish all of my kids could give a personal insight like this. (I'm just hoping these sizes don't come out too big.)






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  1. PiP's Avatar
    These drawings are AMAZING!
  2. escorial's Avatar
  3. Aquilo's Avatar
    Thanks, guys. He did my avatar too, so it saves on copy right images, lol!
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