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Alexander Pope is right

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"For what I have published, I can only hope to be pardoned; but for what I have burned, I deserve to be praised." --Alexander Pope

I burned a novel, most of it, today. Trashed it. I kept the first four chapters. I am in one of those moods where I am really not confident about the work but feel the drive to go on. Not that this is a habitual lack of confidence. I go between vanity and self-judgment. That's good I suppose. I am reading a novel, which sold very well, called, Shantaram,written by an an ex-convict named Gregory David Roberts, and it seems a good story so far, but has some bad qualities IMO. His style is similar to mine. The style is a bit forced sometimes and lacks a certain something, and a New York Times critic noted this, calling, more or less, the novel mediocre, but she/he may be in the minority as it has a 4.4/5 average rating on Barnes and Nobles, and 4.2 on Goodreads. Best to give you the Google search

It's got plenty of praises, and a movie is in the process it seems...with Johnny Depp. I've got an actor or two dreamed up in my current works.

And so, given his faults of style, which are excused by the story, who knows? Also, I have yet to finish the late Harper Lee's new novel. The story is an interesting, very genius concept, but it is really such poor prose compared to the perfect, eloquent To Kill a Mockingbird. And as a Catholic fond of Southern Gothic, I am not all that impressed by Flannery O'Connor's style (i feel like I am reading Morse Code), but the concepts are good. A very interesting observation. So there is hope! I mean take this. Is it a trope, or full of them? I saw the word trope today, and thought of Law and Order with its one-liners, and said: "Is that me?" I am not writing mystery novels, but my tropes, by which I don't mean just tropes, are more pretentious. So all but four chapters of the one novel, and the nearly finished one--geez. I deleted the one because I thought the character development was poor. I thought i made them too. Well, Gregory David Roberts has his shortcomings, and he has plenty of praises. It was also a first novel that is 930 pages long. That's not War and Peace, but it's a decent length for a first time novel--a miracle. My almost done novel may be short of 300,000 words. Of course I am writing something within first timer range alongside it, so I will just submit it and hope.

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