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Can't Contain My Excitement!!!!!

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Hello fellow writers. As you may or may not know i have been battling with both depression and writers block for quite some time now. Well not any more! I have a little side project i like to work on when i can't seem to work on any of my stories. Well just last night alone i pumped out 2855 words! Which for someone like me is spectacular! Now i worked on this project before but it was never up to par with my own standards. That drove me up a wall. But i think I've got this cycle broken. Now if i can keep this up then everything will be great from here on out.

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  1. Rojack79's Avatar
    Well it took me all of march but i finally got my Fanfic novel done. Final word count is 73,570 word's!!! YAY!!! Did all of that in less than a month!! HA TAKE THAT WRITER'S BLOCK AND ALL OF THOSE NAY SAYERS WHO SAID I COULD NEVER DO IT!!!! Ok rant over but yay!!!
  2. Laughing Duck 137z's Avatar
    Congrats friend ��
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