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Good concept but bad execution

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So I am headed towards the end of the novel. And I need to flesh out the villain. I'll likely have to try and do that when I go back, but I did it in my present place for now. The concept of howtodo it was good, but it's badly written. Only a few paragraphs. Not even a thousand words. So it can be left for now, and I can move on. Let the story as a while flow. But I like to TRY and fix things before I continue. I've been reading the first page or two of self-published books on Amazon, and...well, the writing is pretty horrible in many of them. Don't want to be them. In fact, I am already worried about that. Are my characters fleshed out enough? Is my style good? I am satisfied with the work so far, my satisfaction my own ego? I trust my judgment, but don't.


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