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The Social Media Struggle

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The other night I'm sitting here thinking of what to do about this mess. The neighbors moved out- so the building is quiet, aside from a certain kitty making a ruckus. It's difficult to think when she's yowling.

Of course that's not the current in a long list of complications I've had to content with over the years. It's been a battle. There has been pressure to do one thing or another with my work, to have characters be of a certain concept or another, and then finally someone new told me something profound and empowering:

"If I succumb to the peer pressure about my book then the book is no longer mine."

This has dealt with those individuals like a shield. And it was on to the next battle- the push with social media. I get it- having a platform is now a priority for anyone looking to be published. One of the major problems I have with this is making time for the actual writing. I'm not trying to be a pill here, think of it as a dose of common sense.

If time is spent working on the social media platform- the blogging, twitter, website, etc- where does a writer find the time to write? I don't know about anyone else but it just doesn't make sense- in my wheel house. If I can't write then I can't produce a novel. And if there's no novel then all of that social media platform stuff is pointless.

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  1. Smith's Avatar
    I could see having a personal website as a good way to get started.

    Once the initial coding and designing is done and everything's ready (you can find somebody to do that too, to spare yourself the time and trouble) just start posting your work on there. Poems, short stories, blogs, novels. Links to contact you or purchase your works.

    Then it's just a matter of advertising on personal media networks (your own existing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and getting your name out there, which really shouldn't take more than 10-20 minutes daily.

    At least, that's how I would do it. I used to run a gaming channel on YouTube. While I never exceeded more than 100 subscribers, one of the first things I had to figure out was a balance between actively trying to gain a following, and making quality content for my small audience. What also helped was having some close friends who would re-share what I posted.

    The initial set-up was the most time consuming. Probably took me sitting down for a couple hours over the course of a few days to ensure the different social-media platforms were connected properly and looked good. But after that? Maintaining and the actual usage of them didn't take up more than 15 minutes per day.

    Which left me with plenty of time for the hours of recording, editing, and uploading.
    Updated November 12th, 2015 at 02:22 AM by Smith
  2. MzSnowleopard's Avatar
    The point is not that I can't do it's that the nimrods think- that is they pressure me to focus on the social media first. I had it out with them the other night. Not one of them was even willing to see my perspective. It was a fruitless battle.

    In the end- I told them that if they can't support my desire to be a writer then we can't be friends. And I mean it, I'm done with the BS.

    It's like I told Bowman- I'm tired of going through it. Yes, I did put my foot down and they bit back with stupid garbage - so I told them I was done. If they can't respect the fact that I want to be a writer- then we can't be friends. it was a bitter ending to those so called friendships. I am now down to just my friends at church and Toastmasters.

    Zodiac would have been done a long time ago if not for the BS. And CS bk 1 as well. I honestly don't get people like that- just because they haven't made much of their lives does not give the right to hinder others

    Athena is another story, I'll get her fixed once I have the money.

    On the writing side- I've managed to get 1,500+ words done on the YA series. My Zodiac (TZC) is on the side for now.
  3. Smith's Avatar
    Sometimes you gotta' do what you gotta' do, and it isn't always easy. The right thing isn't always easy.

    My dad doesn't understand my desire to be a writer either. It's all about money to him. To me, it's all about being happy.

    Best of luck with your writing; I look forward to seeing more of it!
  4. MzSnowleopard's Avatar
    Thanks Smith, right back at ya.
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