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Paper finished and stuff

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Well, yep. John Locke. The question:

In his Letter Concerning Toleration Locke says, "The commonwealth seems to me to be a society of men constituted only for the procuring, preserving, and advancing their own civil interests. Civil interests I call life, liberty, health, and indolency of body; and the possession of outward things, such as money, lands, houses, furniture, and the like."He also says this regarding ecclesiastical and civil authority, "The boundaries on both sides are fixed and immovable. He jumbles heaven and earth together, the things most remote and opposite, who mixes these two societies, which are in their original, end, business, and in everything perfectly distinct and infinitely different from each other."
Here is your topic - Without reference to moral law is it possible to execute justice in civil affairs? If so, how? If not, why not?
Naturally, I said no. Locke more or less says yes.

Anyway, I hope the answer was concise enough. Oh well, I am sure it will get a B at worst. Which sort of annoys me. I've been getting low 90s lately on my homework, and I don't want a B. But we can do extra credit, so if my overall grade looks to be slipping into a B, then I'll do it. Actually, I will do extra credit anyway. Better to have a cushion.

Anyway, yeah, glad that paper is over. I finally managed to put page 1 on page 2 if you know how you have to do that for papers. I could never do it, so I just didn't and hoped they wouldn't care. I suppose they didn't, but I managed to do it right this time.

Now for my last Dr. Pepper over a tall glass of ice and a movie. At 5:30 AM in the morning. Oh, and I'll cook something, too. Pork chops over white rice with a fried egg on top. By the way folks, we Americans really screw up pork. The busybody health Nazis have scared us into submission. Don't overcook your pork. It should be slightly pink, especially roasts, etc. Here is a simple pork chop recipe I made up. VERY simple.

Well, I think I'll finish watching Crimson Tide. Can you imagine that situation happening in real life...and they DO launch? Whoopsies! Nuclear war. My mistake.

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