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This is my first blog.

I destroyed a childs life.

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By giving him back to his parents, who didn't want him in the first place. His grandmother and I after had him for four years and thought we had done a good thing, but totally destroyed his life, for he wants to come back to us. I believe we have committed the unpardonable sin, destroying anothers life. My pain is more than I can bare. Thoughts please. Writer one

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Tags: pain, sin, suffering


  1. escorial's Avatar
    when your alone in this world it can be a struggle to survive with that feeling deep inside of you..if you ever get the chance to keep somebody in your life... the reward is beyond anything you will ever find on this planet
  2. dither's Avatar
    Writer One from the few words that you've written, i doubt that you've "destroyed a child's life". On contrary, i might suggest that you gave him a good start in life and now he's having to adjust. You all are. I hope that his parents are wanting him now.
    Trouble is, every anguish, every anxiety that your grandson feels you will ten-fold, it hurts like hell, and all you can do is be there for him. For them.
    You've probably given your grandson more than you will ever know.

    Be strong Writer One.
    Easy to say huh!

  3. -xXx-'s Avatar
    hi writer one.
    are you able to stay in contact,
    by phone or mail or common event
    i would suggest that you remind
    the young man how wonderful
    and confusing it can be to have
    not one person, or two people,
    but four people that love him sooooo
    very much.

    children bring out very interesting
    aspects of people.
    i hope that you search yourself to
    find that space where you can be supportive
    of the parents, and that upon testing it
    and finding it to still hold true, the parents
    will be gracious enough to explore
    the space where they can be supportive
    of your well developed grand parenting bond.

    research shows that for many children
    the closeness they share with a grandparent
    defines the recognition of self esteem which
    permits them to more fully realize their potential.

    respect for identity is tricky business.
    kudos to you:
    for being there when there was great need
    for stepping back to permit an attempt
    for being there and available now

    that's enough to make us all need a blanket
    and a nap.
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