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Recently a distant relative reached out to me through social media. I had previously added her out of courtesy and she would occasionally like some my posts. From what I was told, we used to be really close as children before the divorce, but that was years ago. Childhood memories are blurry.

I received a message from her a few days ago. She is moving to the town over and would like to get together sometime. The mature thing to do is to agree and meet up. Yet, there's a little voice in my head - the child in me - questioning her motives. Does she genuinely want to see me? Or is it that she has a msg from my father who I haven't had contact with for more than 13 years? Should I still be bitter about it, I mean she had nothing to do with it. Yet, no one from that side of the family ever bothered to see how we were doing, see if we were going through hard times.

My Dad's (I consider my step father my 'real' father because he chose to raise me and my sister when he didn't have to)
family has been family enough. I guess I can't run from the past.

I guess I have to make the mature decision.

I just needed to vent a bit.

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  1. escorial's Avatar
    people are can't change the past and you will always carry the's people that matter in the end..
  2. TheWonderingNovice's Avatar
    I hate feeling like a child, but I should face this.
  3. Ariel's Avatar
    It's a valid question.

    I wonder if maybe she didn't think of you all those years and want to reach out but couldn't. Maybe your birth father's family thought it would be hurtful and awkward to contact you and your sister? There's no telling what someone else's motives are. Even if she does have a message from your birth father why not hear it out?
  4. TheWonderingNovice's Avatar
    I see your point, thank you. I think I will meet up with her, after all it wasn't her fault. If she does have a message it is up to me to decide what I shall do afterwards.
  5. PiP's Avatar
    I'm intrigued, did you meet up with her?
  6. TheWonderingNovice's Avatar
    No not yet.
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