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Beethoven's 5th (part II)

Beethoven's (part 2)

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They are a design of hinge that has the rather unfortunate name (in the UK) of "rising butt." On the worse days, I feel like making a few butts rise into the air, but you (rightly) can't go around doing things like that. It's also not difficult to see how, in countries with less gun control, the murder rates can be so high. It's fairly easy to imagine a series of conversations where escalation occurs, and someone who has been sleep-deprived snaps in a moment that they end up regretting for a lifetime.

However, the biggest threat of all to my neighbours is that they could end up becoming characters in a story that I am yet to write. If they are nice to me, they may end up surviving the experience.

I seem to have just found a workaround. Writing this down on here has helped to extract the sting - so, thank you for this facility.
I'll have to try blogging a bit more.

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