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Beethoven's 5th (part II)

Beethoven's Fifth (part I)

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It's just after 6 AM here and the people in the flat below have, once again, started playing Beethoven's 5th on their door hinges. Fortunately, I'm already awake, mainly because I slept at weird times due to being awoken by them at 5 AM on the previous two mornings.

The first morning, it was a rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in b flat minor followed by "My old man's a dustman ...". The second morning was like that old TV quiz game, "Name that Tune."
I must hasten to add that I don't believe these people to be intentionally malevolent, at this stage; it's more about lack of consideration.

It has been an ongoing issue and is easily resolvable with the occasional squirt of the highly lethal WD-40, a toxic substance banned from the paralympics. I even presented them recently with a mostly used can of the stuff and, very politely, requested that they carry out their rehearsals at a more reasonable hour. I may soon gift them a full can and mention that I think they must have used up the other one - even though there has clearly been no attempt to resolve the problem.

So, I've embellished the above because I need to restore myself to a modicum of sanity. However, the truth is that partial sleep deprivation for someone who works full-time can be excruciating.

I live on my own and I do realise that such issues can feel amplified when there is no significant other with whom to discuss them. Even when my sleep is unaffected, the high pitched wailing from those hinges can be disconcerting, both in the daytime and early evening.

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  1. escorial's Avatar
    man i've lived in flats for years and i know what your going through
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