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My bad luck

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So some of you may remember I had a virus and could not post here do to it. I finally just chose to reinstall Windows. Well, two weeks later my hard drive crashes. I call HP, they price it at $300. I say I might as well buy a new computer, they lower it to $180. Supposedly I am not supposed to say that, as the agent managed to get me a really good deal, though that could have been a sales tactic to keep me with HP for future purposes. But I will honor her by her request not to mention it to the HP agents in the future, just in case she really did go a bit too far on the discount. Anyway, I send it off, free shipping and all. They send it back, free shipping. I turn it on. Works just fine, but at the bottom of the desktop, right hand corner there is something that says "Test Mode"; not "Safe Mode", meaning the screen looked just fine. But I figured it's still not right, and do not want to run into problems down the road. So I call HP. They have me run the extensive hardware check. It turns up fine. So they sent me a CD to reinstall my system. It gets an error message halfway through and stops. So I call back. They tell me to run the hardware scan again. It turns out fine, as I knew it would--but I understand they have to follow procedure. So I call them back, we work on it for a while, and after a while they say I will have to send it back. So they are now sending the box, and I will send it back, and well.....

Lucky my writing was backed up, and I found another old computer that works, a laptop. I have to use and external keyboard and mouse, but it works. Oh, and I was having trouble downloading the OneDrive App on that laptop after I got it back, but that was a Microsoft issue. I can sill download and upload manually, or just work on it online and it automatically saves.

And a two hour hardware scan is a good excuse to open a bottle of wine, too!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Smith's Avatar
    Good to see you back man. I remember having problems with my gaming PC. Bluescreens and stuff like that. To this day I still don't think it's working at 100% but it's good enough. I'll definitely have my next rig built by professionals.
  2. aj47's Avatar
    Oh my! I have an HP computer.
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