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Thank God for seziures...

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So, there is the saying that that bad brings something good out of it. So, my seizures are acting up again, a little worse than usual, though still no convulsive ones. Actually how ever, though they have calmed down for now (the were worse a while ago), I keep having small difficult to write this, confused--I know what I want to say, but cannot think put what I cant to say and putting it there together.

But the episodes will go away soon enough, and the it is good, because then I am able to write and write and write. It seems to come after I have these episodes. It is called, Hypergraphia. Crazy Westboro Baptist Church says "than God for dead soldiers"? I say crazy thank God for seizures....

Here is what Wiki says on the matter:

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  1. Sonata's Avatar
    I do not know what to say to you. We always called seizures The Monster, but "we" being owners of epis. Epileptic dogs. But The Monster hit my girl so bad that I had to have her euthanised.

    This is my baby - but she did not know anything was wrong with her? This picture was drawn by a WF member, Abby
  2. Sonata's Avatar
    I am sorry, I meant to add that I wish you well.
  3. wainscottbl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sonata
    I am sorry, I meant to add that I wish you well.
    Thanks for the well wishes, and I am sorry to hear about your dog. Making the decision to put them down is hard. And I have heard about seizures in dogs. Seizures in little children is horrible to hear about too. The hard thing with dogs is that you cannot comfort them in the same way you can humans. They cannot understand you like humans. You can pet them and all that, but that only helps so much. I hope you found another dog! He looks like was cute though. I had one that kind of looked like him. An old neighbor poisoned him along with our neighbors animals. They managed to save one of their dogs, however. I am not sure his reasons for doing it. I think he did not like them in his yard. The thing is, perhaps hinting he did not do it (though he was the prime suspect) is that he was really fond of the neighbor's three year old girl. She called him "dog killer" after. Of course, that may not have crossed his mind at the time he killed them, etc. Where we live now, our old neighbor shot our dog without cause--no threat or anything like that. She died. Sad world, isn't it?
  4. Nellie's Avatar
    Well, I know what to say, as I have seizures myself, and not just the kind you have where you can go and write, write and write. Mine have been Tonic clonic, and complex partial over the years. I had brain surgery for them and it only made my situation worse. It effects my memory and speech. So now I try to write poetry and cannot get the correct words out on the page. I've been a member of the Epilepsy Foundation and have witnessed kids having grand mall seizures. It is a heart-breaking thing to see. I have met parents who've lost children to SUDEP (Sudden Unexplainable Death in Epilepsy Patients). Having epilepsy/seizures can be life-threatening. It has been for me. I've been in and out of the hospital several times because of it. It is a sad world.
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