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Butterflies Love Flowers

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(I wrote Chinese first and then translated it into English)

The Autumn

When leaves fall, twigs wither, flowers die,
Wild geese are flying high in the sky.
Yonder, on the cold water a boat drifts away,
Wind blows, trees cry like ghost and sway.
The moving weeds scare the crows,
looking spiral are the mountain roads.
A lonely traveller hurries on his journey,
Alas! No body can understand me.
Only insects are chirping over there,
ignoring my sadness, free of care.
枝枯叶落百花残, 雁过舟漂逆水寒。
此刻心情谁个懂? 唯听秋虫呢喃欢。

Nov 30, 2013

Modified on Dec. 27, 2016

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  1. TKent's Avatar
    That is lovely!! Thanks for sharing it.
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