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Going on tour later this month.

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Even though I haven't been around much on WF, I figured I would give an update as to my progress writing. I've spent quite a lot of time becoming connected in my community and with a few book signings under my belt, I have another this weekend as well as a book tour through four venues the last week of May. Below is an attached advertisement for one of the stores up in Portland. I also am editing my next release One Last Cast that I have managed another signing for this fall with which I hope to get on Good Morning Sacramento to advertise. I suppose the point of this blog post is for anyone who may be wondering what can become of writing, to show that anything is possible if someone is determined enough, even if you're just another kid like me from some town somewhere with more dreams than there are stars and even more drive to accomplish them. The possibilities of life are infinite. The only limitations are the finite expectations we hold of ourselves.

Hope you're all having a good Wednesday- Austin
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  1. Smith's Avatar
    Congratulations man. You're an inspiration for me and surely many others. I think it's about time I get back to working on my own novel. And hey, I might just buy yours, sounds interesting. Best of luck, keep on keepin' on Austin.

  2. LOLeah's Avatar
    Wow, so inspiring! Congratulations to you and I wish you continued success!!
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