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The bad and the good news

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Eight Months ago I was told that I was going to need surgery. I looked at my doctor in shock as he explained everything to me. Walked out to the vehicle and cried... The surgery itself wasn't that bad but it was my first and I was having all kinds of emotions. It felt like the emotion monster had found me; went from feeling sad to crying, to mad, too scared. I had the surgery with no problems, until two days after surgery I started having unusual problems. So I called the doctor and his nurse said come in right away. Let the sticking with the needles begin!!'t go no further here)

The doctor was able to figure out what the issue was. Now mind you, due to the surgery I was placed out of work for eight weeks. However, after being laid off from my previous job because I was told "we need someone who is going to be here every day regardless of medical excuses"... I went hunting for a new job that could suit my situation best and still do my job successfully. I found one, YAY! Started to really enjoy my new job and then I receive this news today "we're sorry but you are being laid off due to no work available".

Part of me wants to crawl in a corner and never come out. The other half is saying "better update that resume and start looking" lol. I always look on the brighter side of things or try to.

Here is the good news: I have been working on my writing skills for quite some time now and the work is paying off! I just got my one of my article's accepted by a company. When you have a moment take a look.

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  1. escorial's Avatar
    I can only admire your fighting spirit.......
  2. tinacrabapple's Avatar
    Congratulations on the article! I hope you feel better and you find a better work situation.
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