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I love bacon, but hate Bacon (may be controversial)

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So last week we read Descartes. I rather disliked him, but I really dislike Bacon. He has some very good things to say objectively. He notes some very good points. But I find him condescending. At least Descartes admitted his ignorance. Descartes comes of as sincere and relatively humble, but Bacon comes off as this arrogant jerk who dismisses the wisdom of the past for the knowledge of the present. Complete modernist. Basically he is a materialist. He does not like the abstract, like ethics and such things, preferring natural philosophy, which is a fancy word for hard science--physics, etc. The reason is we cannot, he says, learn much from abstracts, but only from what can be clearly demonstrated. So when Aristotle talks in these abstracts about the good and bad, first and last ends, it is rather pointless and stupid. Bacon points out that Aristotle seems to forget what is in the middle of the first cause and last end, which is perhaps a good point, but he then simply makes a complete assault on Aristotle that gets out of hand. It's not that Bacon dismisses the idea of good and evil, or first causes and last ends. But he is a materialist. So this abstract first principle and its effect, well, that's just babbling. Descartes says "I think therefore I am". He was not sure if he could know anything for sure. Bacon on the other hand thinks it is certain we can. I actually agree with Bacon more than Descartes there, but the way Bacon goes about it is frustrating. He says he is not a teacher, only a guide, but he comes of as if he is telling everyone his opinion, and furthermore that is how it is--and if you say otherwise, you're ignorant and stupid. You're backwards, superstitious, etc. Though Descartes is somewhat skeptical, he actually dismisses the skeptics as going to far the other way. Bacon does this to an extent, too, but he is skeptical of everything except what is solid. This is a bit of a rant, and this is a very superficial explanation of Bacon's philosophy. But I do like me some bacon

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