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A Thug's Life...

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For the most part, I'd consider that I conduct myself in a gentlemanly like manner but for some reason whenever I watch Football (Soccer), out of nowhere I become a total thug.

For a while I attributed it to simple tribalism, but I realized that just isn't the case. I get ridiculously involved in games which I support neither team. I'm cursing and jumping with such vitriol. The vitriol only increases further when my beloved Aston Villa play.

But it's just so strange. I'm usually such a passive individual and I wonder, if sport or anything evokes such uncharacteristic rage from any of you guys? Your thoughts would be of interest to me!

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  1. Smith's Avatar
    I play soccer and I know what you mean. It's different still when watching it. I get that feeling especially when watching Bayern Munich, my favorites. Oddly enough, I also get this feeling when watching my Detroit Red Wings, even though I've never played hockey.
  2. Plasticweld's Avatar
    I am a brutal competitor, very aggressive in every sport I have ever played from hockey to football to kickboxing. I also have road raced in each sport I have been involved in I have been really passionate about it, yet I have absolutely no desire to watch any of them being done by someone else and can not even fathom getting excited about what team does that I was not personally involved with. While I do like to watch my son race I would never spend a weekend just watching him race it would only be in between my races that I would do that.

    Put me down as someone who does not get you guys
  3. am_hammy's Avatar
    High school for me was my biggest period of rage. Played field hockey for three years and I was usually defense. Loved knocking people over haha. I've always had a competitive streak. Gym class was always my favorite. I loved that I was never picked last and one of the first girls to be chosen. I just always loved the adrenaline rush I got. I was always in focus.
  4. Crowley K. Jarvis's Avatar
    Uncharacteristic rage?

    Yes, sports as well. I'm very athletic, I do Parkour for fun and run everywhere. I walk several miles every day.

    Being tall you'd think basketball would come naturally but I find myself compelled to murder when forced to play it.

    Also, any Fighting style video games. I'll play multiplayer, sure. But no Street Fighter for me. I will give people remote bruises.
  5. escorial's Avatar
    i get angry when i think animals are being mistreated..
  6. dither's Avatar
    Y'know? I DO wonder sometimes about the level of my passivity.Maybe there really IS something wrong with me, and maybe not. And no-ones perfect.
    I've always been a total wimp , my mindset is as far removed from thuggery as ever one's could be and i don't know how it feels to want to compete.
    You want it? You can have it.
    I've always allowed myself to be steam-rollered and tribalism? In it's most basic sense, mmmm, i don't know. I can't get passionate about anything. I just don't get that.
    As for what Escorial says about anger. Instead of anger, i just feel sadness and disappointment.

    Life eh?
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