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So I am spending the weekend proofreading my novella, the first four chapters that is, which is what I have written so far. I am doing a chapter a day and am on Chapter 3 tonight. It helps to do so, as you see the errors more easily reading it out loud. I think I am satisfied with it on the whole, but wonder if it will will be picked up by an agent. It's a good story, I think, but I wonder if there is too much telling. The first two chapters seem a bit melodramatic, but that may be required. I am not sure how you can capture the brutal murder of children without being a but "dramatic"? It IS dramatic. The next two chapters set up for the rest of the novel, and there is a lot of dialogue, which I think counters any excessive telling--hopefully. Well, I will see tonight hopefully--and tomorrow. I think it was good to do this. I was kind of at a standstill. I think I have an idea here I want to go now. I'll try to do more telling starting in Chapter 5.

Is 3k per chapter bad? My chapters average 3k. Chapter 1 is 800 words but most are around 3k, and one even 4k. Well, I guess if it is a problem I can break it up. If it is taken by an agent, I am sure if it is a problem, we can break if up if it is absolutely necessary.

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