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A bit upset

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So I posted this on Facebook and tagged a friend:

I grant you as he said it is strange. He said this:

.this was bizarre...I think you need some concrete social interaction; maybe step outside of your books and head for a while?
To which I replied:
bizarre yer [sic], for the better of for the worst. And as for the latter comment, about stepping out, therein lies the problem. When you cannot drive, etc, that becomes a problem. This is a problem for those suffering from epilepsy. Of course, again bizarre is he nature of it. I hope you could appreciate it despite too, for to to shows a certain vulgarity in the Latin sense of the word. But you speak with a certain wisdom good sir, though perhaps in ignorance. I do think we should both check our pride perhaps.
It hurt a little. It is true that I likely need more social interaction. But we who suffer from this disease are plagued by that because of our lack of transportation. Also some of us, due to related brain conditions, like Aspergers and social anxiety, are not able to do that so easily. So the comment is a bit rude and ignorant. Mind you, this is a man who once said to me of a common friend suffering from depression that the man disgusted him. It seems that this Facebook friend does not have an easy sense of compassion. He is intelligent enough, etc., but he's a bit haughty actually. Upset me actually, but again, I point to Dostoyevsky who defended Mohammed, also one who had these episodes, saying that everyone calls the man crazy and a charlatan, but only those who have experienced an ecstatic episode can appreciate the man. Dostoyevsky owned a copy of the Qu'ran and even considered Islam for a while we read--this while serving time in Siberia, I think. In any case, he elected against it I guess, but he appreciated Mohammed. I see this friend like those "learned imbeciles" as he called critics of Mohammed.

Anyway, just wanted to share that, and hope you can see past the bizarre and appreciate the essence of the video.

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  1. Smith's Avatar
    I think I know what you mean about feeling that indescribable love. It is something I have experienced a few times.

    Now, whether or not it is from a higher-being or power is not my place to say. Personally I would like to say I am an individual with an open mind. But for me they come from within two people, or many people, and it spreads like a wildfire. Maybe love itself is something greater than we can imagine. The movie Interstellar talks about that a little bit. Great movie, by the way.

    In any case, if that absolute state of love and passion and energy comes from above or not might be irrelevant. What you do with it is what counts. You wrote a sonnet, which I must say I quite liked. Do not become complacent. Go out and live life man!

    The video was interesting, to say the least, and I mean that in a good way about the whole Dostoyevsky and Muhammad discussion. That aside, it was cool to know a little more about you too. Stay strong man.
    Updated March 2nd, 2015 at 03:22 AM by Smith
  2. wainscottbl's Avatar
    Thanks. Yeah, I had a few friends suggest the movie, though I have never gotten around to it.
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