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Sometimes it just won't happen!

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Today I'm editing mostly. I'm so off my game though that I feel that any new lines I add to the story might ruin it. I think I'll just read and try again tomorrow!

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  1. TJ1985's Avatar
    Some days, I feel like an architect with an urge to design worlds. Other days, I feel like sitting around and maybe, if the world stays friendly, I'll throw away that bowl of... once-dead-but-now-live stuff in the fridge.

    Cut yourself a little slack. I doubt the greats were at top-form all the time.
  2. wainscottbl's Avatar
    Same here. If I could only read as much in the book on the table as I do in my own ongoing book. But for one I am at a tedious part in the novel I am reading, and I always need to rework things.
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