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Hypergraphia and everything

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So those who suffer temporal lobe epilepsy sometimes have a condition called hypergrahia. So I've been writing a lot lately. And neglected my studies. I need to go read a bit of Galileo's Dialogues Concerning the Two New Sciences , our assigned work for this week. I am skipping the assigned "Day Three" because there are no questions from it, and it is all Greek to me. A bunch of scientific stuff, which is over my head. It might be easier with a hard copy because you have to look at the figures. Drawing it out would help, but I am not going to do that. This is from a literary perspective, not a scientific perspective that we read this--to understand one of the great, influential works of the Western world in a historic way.

But I have been far too distracted by my hypergraphic writing. I need a drink. My mind is so full of my ideas and so burnt out with writing that I need a drink, but I gave it up for Lent. Besides, I am out of money. Of course if I had some, it is Saturday, so I could drink since the forbidden things are allowed on weekends. But I want to give it up for all of Lent to see if abstinence helps control my seizures. My last neurologist said it depends, and some people it can actually help! Of course tea is good, too, a I expressed in this haiku:

Tea is like unto wine

It gives calmness to the soul

But keeps soberness.
I need to get something published. I am going to submit a story to a literary journal. I am going to try "The New Yorker". I am not sure if my zombie apocalypse thing will work. It's a bit against the spirit of the "The New Yorker" because it makes Russia the good guy in an apocalyptic age, and the West the bad guy. Obviously I am a fan of RT and Putin. And my sensual short story, I am not sure I want to submit that anywhere. I would not publish it with my name.

I need to be published. Make a little money. That novella might bring some in. Enough for a vacation. I have a least 15k coming my way, but if I take a vacation, I feel bound to take my mother with this money because of all she did to help me get it. Not that I mind generosity (I detest avarice), but I would like to be alone. Travel Europe, hiking and taking trains, with not real plan, staying in hidden little places, eating in real homey places, not the touristy places. A novella likely will not make me rich, but enough income to travel Europe a bit. Of course my health is an issue. I hate this epilepsy. The only think I like about it is that it might feed my intellect, as there is a link between epilepsy and creativity.

Time to go toil over Galileo. Maybe next summer I will be in Europe. I don't need to be on the New York Times Bestseller list, though that would be nice. I just need to make a little money to get out of dodge.

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