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So I wrote this story

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So I wrote this story based on a dream. I cannot post it here because it is too graphic, bordering on the forbidden pornographic writing. Not that it is a sex story really, but it does involve that, or the facts leading up to it, including the "sheet talk" if you know what that means. Is that even a phrase? Well, it is now. I'm not even sure if I can morally justify it. I mean it's Epicurean in nature. I'm a half ass Christian and it's Lent! Really, can this thing be justified. I like it though. It was fun and pleasant to write.

Basically I meet some girl on a train in France, we walk around Paris having a nice dinner and bottle of wine, sneaking out of the restaurant in a funny little scene, and walk down the streets of Saint-Denis finishing the wine like winos. Then we buy another bottle of wine, a bottle of Don Perignon, go back to the hotel room, have a witty little talk in bed, and that is where it becomes forbidden. I'm not even sure I want to put it on my blog. It will have my name on it. Of course I have a pretty suggestive poem on there, but it's suggestive, not borderline erotic short story. I think the prose lacks in some places and is excellent in others. It is pretty much a story about love, or lust, or infatuation--all three--in Paris.

I think my confessor/spiritual father would make me get rid of it, but I'm in between religions right now--Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

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