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Sober Post #1

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Hello, dear reader.

This is the first and maybe last sober post on this blog. There is the distinct possibility that there will be no more posts whatsoever, on account of being too drunk to figure out how to make a blog post. There is the possibility that I will forget I have a blog in a hangover-induced memory haze.

Either way, if I do manage to ever post drunken rants or musings about writing or life, I hope they entertain.

If they do not entertain, that is fine -- hopes are meant to be crushed or fulfilled. As long as the hope has a result and does not remain hope, I count myself thankful to not be a fish on my own line.

This concludes the introductory post of this blog. See you the next time I get drunk.

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  1. TJ1985's Avatar
    Def, fear not: Hemingway wrote, but some guy named "Al Cohol" was the one who gave him all the great ideas.
  2. dither's Avatar
    Life eh?
    Good luck with that Defenestrator.
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