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My little poem: Untitled

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腊月暴风突袭来, In the coldest month storm hits all of a sudden,
屋顶茅草被掀开。 Thatches on my roof are blown wide open.
乐天一派鬼见愁, I am such an optimist, I can scare ghosts away,
大雪加身当棉胎。 And I treat snow on my body as a cotton tray.

This is about someone who lives in a small house with a thatched roof. One night a big storm hit across and blows his thatches away. Since he is a happy-go-lucky person, he is not worried about the situation he is facing...

Writer: Xiaoman Feb. 7, 2015 (Inspired by Wulingchun written by Li Qingzao and My Cottage Unroofed By Autumn Gales by Du Fu )


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