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Hi there a New Year and New Horizons!

A blog in the past was a way to provide information and was often static Ė no way of attaching comments. Technical advances and the advent of social networking changed all of this. Unfortunately there use can devolve into unsavoury topics and equally unpleasant attached comments. However, the healthy desire to communicate thoughts and ideas persist.

Iíve been asked question and before having the opportunity to reply, left ignored, sitting out in the cold. The reason for this Iíve judged is that Iím out of sync, my timing is totally blown. Iím a deep thinker and it may take me a moment or two. Eventually I find myself with what seems the perfect reply, succinct, but unfortunately by then the moment has flown. My life is full of missed opportunities, so I try to write those moments down for future reference. I hear the comments, whispered between cupped hands - ďHeís scribbling again...Ē

Yes Iíve been there and heard it all... Yet had I spoken, said anything to offend! I guess this is as good a reason to write as any other and finding the opportunity here I decided to start this blog.

Hopefully someone will read it. I might be heard for once. They might even be polite enough to share experiences and sympathies. Not rant on too distastefully I hope!

So here I am ready to disseminate! Only now what a blow, Iím at a loss as to what I was going to say. Any ideas this is a writing forum, but donít let that limit your horizons.

Maybe I could reflect on - lifeís too short - then swing into - analyse what life is all about. Do I start with the Big Bang and how the Chinese invented gunpowder gag. What if Iím asked where I came from. Do I go through the chicken or the egg routine?

Either way I like the idea of setting a scene, voicing a passion, having a quibble, being irrational. Maybe share my steps on the path to writing new fiction!

Oh! Yeah scribble on I hear them say...

Words written endlessly,
In senseless sensitivity,
To abject diversity!


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  1. dither's Avatar
    I like the tone QDOS,

    scribble on.

    I think that this belongs in the forums,
    pick any one of the top three in "Living areas" imo.
    Updated January 3rd, 2015 at 06:20 PM by dither
  2. QDOS's Avatar
    Noted: So I’ve moved to - the living area - The Lounge
  3. dither's Avatar
    So i see.

    Hello and welcome.

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