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I wish...

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It always happens this way, Christmas is over, and I am once again finding myself wishing that I could have given more to the people that I love.

I loathe this feeling...

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  1. Guy Faukes's Avatar
    Ditto... ditto...
  2. Winston's Avatar
    I stopped second-guessing myself long ago. Not because I'm perfect, but because being insecure doesn't help the ones I love.
    It's a natural feeling. Acknowledge it... Then let it go.
  3. dither's Avatar
    It's strange,
    i find myself, even now as i type this out, wishing i could/knowing that i SHOULD, be more accepting and grateful for what i have, and am troubled greatly by this.

    you give yourself, and you give your love. That is enough for those who matter.
  4. tinacrabapple's Avatar
    Not to be cheesey, but even an simple act of kindness like picking up the phone and saying hi can make someone happy.
  5. escorial's Avatar
    there will be other christmass but there is only one of you....money buys you freedom,less stress in your life but it can't replace the people you love
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