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Hello everyone and anyone checking this page out! The blog system is much better than the old "make a post containing your stories and bump that post." This is much less obtrusive, so I'll link to it. I am going to post my stories, old and new in this space. Some people have liked them in the past. I personally don't care for them so much any more (who likes old stuff they did?)

At any rate, I hope you like whatever you find. Please feel free to let me know, as feedback is absolutely critical to me!

Currently on the boards:

Dear Loser
This was a short story that began my thirty day once-per-day story challenge, something I wanted to kickstart. It is about a man who awakens to find a Dear John letter from his couch and his ensuing adventure of the day in search of it.
Leyenda - A sort of walkthrough of how I would feel if I were Andres Segovia in this youtube clip: -----The musical work in question was playing constantly as I wrote it to try and more fully internalize the feeling I got in imaging an old master.
The Turtle - A failed attempt at a children's story. The general opinion was that this was basically condescending and lacked an understanding of child literature. I am inclined to agree.
Facing Authority - A story that is a bit more violent than I would write now, but it was nice for moving past an experience in my life. It's not bad, but it's definitely a bit too in-your-face for my tastes these days.

I also wrote a bunch of stories around 10 years ago and posted them here. Those were some nice conversations that helped to move my craft forward a little bit. I hope to continue them. Perhaps I'll locate and repost them someday.

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  1. Gavrushka's Avatar
    Hey and what an auspicious occasion too! - You've just created the site's 1000th blog entry.

    I feel you should approach Admiral Cran for a valuable prize!

    Sorry to spam your blog!
  2. Deadally's Avatar
    Ha! That's crazy. I hope I win a fabulous prize, like a piece of cornbread.

    Maybe an avocado!
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