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Update: 28/8/2013

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Bit of a late one, I know, but a mixture of a little and a lot has been happening here: I’ve been to and reviewed one gig, done no walking and read a lot.

Sarah, the owner of Relive the Music, invited me to the Underworld for Candlelight Records’ festival Candlefest at which we saw Hybris, Voices, Palehorse and Anaal Nathrakh play live on a tiny stage. Apart from Voices and being kicked in the head by a stage diver, the gig was fun with Palehorse being the highlight of the night [Read the review here].

In regards to walking I’ve done close to none apart from having to walk from Turnpike Lane to Stratford after I got messed around when trying to sell my tablet and a trip to Covent Garden yesterday, more due to the weather than for the book. Despite not getting any walking done, I did go past a few places that looked interesting, so I’ll have a go at those sometime soon, most likely next week.

I’m still working my way through The Count of Monte Cristo, but getting close to the end now so a review will hopefully be up by the end of this week. I also visited the second hand bookshops down Charing Cross Road yesterday in search of some books on the history of London for Walking London but sadly there were no such books. However, the shops did stock a large number of other books which is always good (or bad) as it means adding more to my pile of unread books. Maybe I should make sure to visit these shops without any cash in my wallet and just read the interesting-sounding books in the basement all day?

I haven’t been looking for any writing jobs recently so nothing to report there other than my French housemate Gabriel asking me to have a look at and proofread/edit the beginning of a story he’s started writing which was quite fun/interesting to do as I haven’t had the chance to do such a thing for a few months.

For Walking London I’m hoping to visit the places I’ve already been to and start taking some photos to accompany the walks. I’m also planning on getting a bike in the next few weeks which will mean I’ll be able to travel further across London and get to places quicker meaning more time to walk.

The erotic stuff I was working on has been a bit slow recently, but I’ve got ideas for the next bits floating around, just need to put them on paper now. I’m up to around 4-5000 words, but still not too sure where it’s going or what it’ll lead to. Maybe we’ll see in a few years’ time. I also own 4 or 5 erotica books (which I originally bought for help with writing Eroticus) so maybe I should read those to get some ideas once I’m done with Monte Cristo.

That’s about it for this update, more to come when something interesting happens.

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