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Only Friends

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My mother was a great correspondent who wrote half a dozen letters most days of her life to people all over the world. Back in the early sixties, before the Lebanon was destroyed by war, she was in touch with a master at a boarding school there run by Quakers (The religious society of friends).

One night he was on duty and heard a rumpus going on in the dormitory, when he went in he found a boy sitting on his pillow at the top of his bed terrified by a large spider crawling up the bed.
“Don’t be such a whimp” he said “Give it a whack, knock it off with your slipper”.
“Please Sir, I can’t kill it, I am a Bhuddist” he replied. Whereupon the boy in the next bed enthusiastically stuck his hand in the air and said,
“Please Sir, I am a Christian, I’ll kill it”.

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  1. Gumby's Avatar
    Now that's hilarious!
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