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Cashies and Me

Cashies Serenade

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In my office my hiccupping co-worker and I just got serenaded by a man in a purple T-Shirt.
His eyes were crossed, his jeans were acid-wash, and his tune was half-baked at best.

He asked first if he could sing to us, which was nice.
Other times I've been serenaded against my will by shirtless boys and air guitars.
Today he asked, and I said, "For how long?" He said, "For sixty seconds."
"Go ahead then."

He sang a song about three prostitues, I don't think he knew the words. And he apologised for not being able to play the guitar, or sing.
He sang that one of the prostitutes died, then he stopped, and sang - Actually it was my father who died, with a bottle in hand, in 1985, it was the last day I ever saw him. I imagine that bit was true.

When he finished I clapped and he bowed.
His friend came in who smelled of soap and poo and asked why we wouldn't loan him any money.

Back to business as usual.

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Updated April 30th, 2010 at 07:37 AM by Like a Fox



  1. Pawn's Avatar
    Where's my "Like" button.
  2. Sigg's Avatar
    His friend came in who smelled of soap and poo and asked why we wouldn't loan him any money.

    Where's my "Like" button.
    I don't know but you use Rate This Entry I suppose, not sure exactly where the ratings are used though....
  3. Like a Fox's Avatar
    Pawn - I'm losing faith in you. If anyone should know where it is, it's you buddy. Haha.

    Sigg- You know poo is a less offensive smell than really intense BO/Urine/Ciggies.
    I hate that I know these things.
    And I believe the ranking is used for "Most Popular Blogs". (So rank me, rank me!) Ha
    Thanks for reading.
  4. Sigg's Avatar
    rofl you have 2 stars on your blog, so you are the only one on the Most Popular Blogs list... I gave you 5 stars, which means someone gave you 0 stars.... hmmm, pawn? sneaky man, claiming to like it with his comment and then giving you 0 stars, for shame!
  5. Katie D's Avatar
    Love it! Especially the soap and poo, It's such a great combination.
  6. escorial's Avatar
    yeah..thugz life...
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