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J.E. Daniels (BDCharles)

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Our author interview for July is with newly minted author, J.E. Daniels (BDCharles). His first novel 'The Story of Echo' is due for publication on the 31st of August 2021 and is now available for pre-order.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your writing background.

Hello. Argh, this is nerve-wracking. My personal bio is in the book, at the back, where you have to buy it to see it, hehe But suffice to say, I live in Yorkshire, in the UK - God's Own Country, if the inhabitants are to be believed. Writing background? Before SOE, I really don't think I had one, other than little phrases and ideas knocking about and taking up brainspace. Some of those go way back. So maybe I've always been "going to write" but only in the last seven years actually did it, thought: to hell with that, I've got a book inside me, people. Since then, it's been the occasional short story, comp entries and so forth as you will know, plus three additional pieces which are starting to...

WF Author Interview: Ken Barrett

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Our next author in the spotlight is Ken Barrett or better known in the WritingForum community as Indian Roads.

Ken Barrett grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and worked as a Design Engineer for over thirty years in Silicon Valley. He is a lifelong biker (motorcyclist), and an accomplished martial artist with advanced black-belt degrees in Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Kenpo, Hapkido, and Shotokan. He is retired and living in Colorado.

Who or what inspired you to write your first novel, 'The Dark Side of Joy'?

Long ago I read an interview by a literary agent, in it, he said that a writer’s first novel is often an autobiography, although the story is often told via allusion. That’s the way my Outlaw series came to be.

My parents were drug dealers back in the 1960s, selling pot and LSD to hippies in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. Inevitably, they were...

WF Author Interview with James Dutton

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This month our WF author interview is with James Dutton (vranger) who has published four novels and is currently editing his fifth.

Hi James, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I started out my career as a programmer and then systems analyst, and my entire career has involved software development on mainframes, mini computers, PCs, and web applications. Even though my first business was a gaming company revolving around interactive fiction, I wrote all the software used in the enterprise, including computer-aided games and an entirely computer-moderated game.

The first game, Silverdawn, was heroic fantasy similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but was a game system I designed. As time went by, we did a Star Trek game, our own sci-fi title: StarQuest, then a computer-aided game actually licensed from TSR for AD&D, a spy game, and an Indy style adventure game.

That business (started in the summer of 1981) became...

Feeling Lost? Check Out 8 Useful Links to Navigate WF

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Welcome to the 'new look' WF. Here are a few links to help you navigate the forum.


Forums- A list of all the forums

Latest Activity - What's New!- Latest activity across all the forums
WF Blog - Check out the latest member blogs or create your own free blog

FAQ's and Member Guide A comprehensive guide - What's What?, What's Where? and How To. Can't find what you are looking for after you've scrolled to the end? Contact an administrator.

WF Rules - Help us to maintain a friendly community atmosphere...

WF Author Interview - with TL Murphy

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I interviewed senior poetry mentor TL Murphy on the occasion of the publication of his book Up Cape Fear.

You are invited to read the interview on Flashes

Below a small part of the interview, to bring you in the right mood.

Cape Fear.JPG

Where to buy Up Cape Fear

Website: https://tlmurphypoetry.wordpress.com/

What was the inspiration behind 'Up Cape Fear'?

The Cape Fear is a river that flows from central North Carolina, south to the port of Wilmington, North Carolina. The river is named after the treacherous barrier island of the Outer Banks just off the coast...

WF Podcast: Giving and Receiving Critique

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Click here to go directly to the podcast.

Episode 8 logo.png

This rather important episode is focused on the main reason why we're all here: giving and receiving critique. It's in-depth stuff, comprising as it does some of the best guides ever submitted to the site in spoken-word form. There's excellent material by J-Mag (read by the author) and an equally excellent guide by the late George Potter (read by Cran).

Why not have a listen? And why not let us know what you think afterwards? We on the media team are positively gagging for feedback.

In the podcast I promised to put a link to Showcase (now Flashes of Brilliance) in this thread.