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    Review of Flank Hawk by Terry Ervin II

    by "Two Ends of the Pen"

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    I received a review copy of the book from the author.

    Dragons, zombies and panzers, oh my! Add in Stukas, goblins, ogres, m’unicorn war steeds and elemental monsters and you get an idea of what you’re up against. Flank Hawk is a smorgasbord of fantasy and modern technology and it all works. The imagination this author possesses is astounding. Mr. Ervin seamlessly blends all the elements into a book that you’ll find hard to stop reading once you start.

    The story follows Krish, a wide-eyed farm boy who goes off to war against the Necromancer King. Through a series of battles, he finds himself paired with Road Toad, a disgraced dragon rider turned mercenary. It is during one of the vicious and devastating battles that Krish earns his mercenary name of Flank Hawk. Road Toad takes Flank Hawk under his wing and teaches the young boy some of the finer points of being a mercenary and some much needed sword-fighting skills.

    While on a scouting mission with Prince Reveron of Keesee, Road Toad and a small contingent of elite soldiers, their position is betrayed and events are set into motion that will start Flank Hawk on an impossible quest. He must find the fabled Colonel of the West and barter the royal family’s Blood-Sword for a way to stop the evil Necromancer King’s advance across the kingdom. This is where the book becomes even more exciting. There is barely a chapter that goes by before something new and unexpected is thrown into the plot.

    My favorite character was the Crusader Paul Jedidiah Roos from the Reunited Kingdom who Flank Hawk meets on his quest. All in all there are a number of wonderful characters in this book and I commend the author on such a well-written book. I highly recommend this book for all those readers who love fantasy and science fiction.

    Review by Web Weaver

    Flank Hawk was written by Terry W. Ervin, II and published by Gryphonwood Press in July, 2009. It may be purchased at http://www.amazon.com/.

    Krish is a farm boy who joins with cousins and friends against an Evil that is trying to take over their land, the only home he has ever known. The Necromancer King has resurrected Nazi war technologies almost three thousand years after the fall of civilization as we know it. This technology presents great challenges for Krish and his new friends and allies in this war of mythical proportions. Krish quickly becomes a mercenary fighter and proves his worth as a determined warrior as he defends the Prince and King he has pledged allegiance to.

    This story is filled with fantastic creatures from all manner of fictional lore and then brings them all into one riveting tale of bravery and coming of age, testing the reader's imagination. Mr. Ervin involves the reader in Krish's tale and makes them earnestly want him to succeed. The story is unique and never boring. Twists and turns throughout the book kept me entertained and wondering what was coming next. I am giving Flank Hawk a 3 spider rating and hoping that Mr. Ervin decides to extend Krish's tale.
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