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    • What was your immediate personal reaction to the work? Loved it? Hated it? What struck you most upon your first reading?
    • How well did the work flow? If you didn't think about it at all, then it was probably very good. If not, were there lines which you stumbled over, or areas which stuck out? Does the punctuation work well? Did it read too fast? Too slow?
    • How effective did you find the author's choice of words? Did it suit the content? Could it have been better? Were there any particularly good phrases? What about bad ones?
    • Did the author's tone work well with the piece? Was the work consistent in style? Might it have been improved?
    • Were there recurring spelling or grammar mistakes? Was the piece technically sound? Alternatively, were there any particularly excellent uses of punctuation or unusual sentence composition?
    • Did the author make good use of imagery? If they did, how powerful was it? Were there any really great images? If they didn't, did the piece work regardless? Was it too abstract? Or too concrete?
    • Did you find the content of the piece stimulating? Did it bore you, or enthrall you? Did it challenge you? Did it move you? In general terms, did you feel the way it was written well fitted the content of the work?
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