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    Review of the Unrelenting, Unnerving Life of Pinocchio by Danny Fahey

    The Unrelenting, Unnerving Life of Pinocchio

    Everybody knows the story of Pinocchio, even if only from the Disney movie. This is not the story of Pinocchio as everyone knows it; itís very much more. No Blue Fairy or Jiminy Cricket accompany the wooden boy along his road to discovery. Instead there is a creature seeking to understand his creation and purpose with only the loving hand of his father to attempt the gift of direction. It is with love that the creature is brought into being and in heartbreak that a father watches his son adapt to his new life and progression towards humanity.

    The existentialist message is woven well into the story and brings to mind classics like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance or Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. It is written in a style that quickly brings identification with and sympathy for the central character and his overburdened creator. The use of the childrenís story as metaphor clothes it in a completely new and adult dimension. Those well remembered highlights of the original tale take on new depth and meaning in this adult presentation of it.

    Well written and gripping, this book is highly recommended. Persuaded to write this in novel form by those who enjoyed the original poetry inspired by the story of Pinocchio, Danny Fahey has excelled himself with this little masterpiece. Those who are fans of his poetry will be delighted with this move into prose.

    One thing is certain; after reading this book Iíll never think of Pinocchio as a childrenís story again.

    Review by Robert Staniford
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