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    Portugal (GMT)
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    MENTOR ADMINISTRATOR Poetry, Children's Stories, Non-Fiction, Photography and Blogging
    CHIEF MENTOR Fiction, especially, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
    Born in 1978, work at a college. I've had a lifelong battle with OCD which has given me an interest in how the mind works. I'll show up from time to time in most places, but particularly the SF&F forum. I'm quite good at spotting grammar and spelling mistakes in other people's work, so feel free to ask me if you'd like me to check for those.
    SENIOR MENTOR Fantasy and Sci Fi, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Prose, Challenges and Workshops A would-be author dabbling between the firm facts of science and the flexibility of fiction. Has a thing of alliteration, apparently. Monolingual. Holder of a M.Sc. Proudly Canadian. Obsessed with science and martial arts. Working to publish fictional short stories but is on an eighth revision of brainchild novel. Contact at anytime about the finer points of writing or for a casual chat.
    in the flame
    SENIOR MENTOR Poetry, Prose, Fiction I'm Julia, I am active in the Poetry thread, I visit the prose and fiction thread when interested. Hope this helps. Peace always...Julia
    Yorkshire, UK
    ADVANCED MENTOR Fantasy, steampunk/gaslamp fantasy, sci-fi, weird fiction/grotesques
    I started writing in earnest in around 2011, at which time I realised all the thoughts and ideas taking up space in my head suddenly had a natural home - prior to that writing was something "other people did"! I am just about finished with my first novel and starting on the second, and in between I write flash fiction, mostly for various competitions and although it is clearly "not my time yet", every now and again I submit one for publication. I enjoy smart, evocative use of language and that tends to feed into my critiques, fabolously well-imagined worlds, and characters that I have to meet. Left to my own devices, I would without doubt descend into dreadful grammar pedantry. Crikey, I feel like I'm writing an agent bio.

    My background is in technology. I have a Bachelors's in computer science and work in IT and Telecoms. The amount of overnight work that demands means the bulk of my writing gets done between the hours of 11PM and 4AM, which explains alot. Aside from that I do a fair bit of tinkering and geeking out on the side when I'm not staring at my MS or out on my bike. I am married with two wonderful daughters, both of whom will be better writers than me.
    St. Louis, Missouri US Central
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    ADVANCED MENTOR Areas of interest are mostly science fiction and mystery writing, with a deep knowledge of world building and novel writing. Raised on golden age science fiction, Patrick Bishop is the king of camp, the master of melodrama, and the one man who can bring enjoyable, pulp sci-fi back to the masses!
    ADVANCED MENTOR non-fiction, speculative fiction, TV and film scripts, and musical composition.
    I was first published as an author but have been most published as a managing editor. Fluent in English, French, German, gibberish, and filth.
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    MENTOR Forums: Poetry/Short stories/Humour/short Non-Fiction/Children's Stories. I'm interested in science, psychology, philosophy and life and interacting with other writers - old and new.
    I have some experience in writing stories and humour for magazines and newspapers but I'm currently concentrating on writing poetry.
    MENTOR (Beta Readers' Activities Prose, Speculative fiction, Sci-Fi and fantasy, Manipulation of time, The origins of writers' inspiration, The psychology of reading, Motives for reading and writing, The boundaries between reality and fiction, Ambiguity, Analogy, Deception, Distraction, Eroticism, Humour, Humorous eroticism, Illusion, Innuendo, Ignoring the regular rules of writing, Metafiction, Preternature, Surreality, Wordplay, Wordplay and Wordplay.
    Retired financial computer systems designer and developer, over age 70. Electronics is my main hobby, especially vintage computer technology and mathematics is a pleasure. I do not consider myself a writer but spontaneously wrote a novel in 2011 and have been trying to find out how and why ever since. Apparently when I write creatively I include veiled references to future events, hence many of my areas of interest mentioned. Apart from that diversion, I am a very rational, logical and pedantic chap inclined to have my tongue permanently in my cheek, so it is advisable always to read what I write carefully or twice, preferably both. I accept praise of my occasional writing but am inclined to ignore it, so to remain unbiased I do the same with criticism. I am married to an angel, of that there is no doubt. She is also a member of WF. We both beta read members' longer works but her preferred genres differ from mine, so between us we cover quite a lot.
    MENTOR (Novel Writing) Science Fiction / Fantasy First rule of novel writing - WriteSecond rule of novel writing - Write
    Kansas City, Kansas, USA
    MENTOR Mystery and Historical Fiction Sue studies people, their reactions to events in their lives, how their joy expressed itself and how sadness was often overwhelming. She has taken psychology classes to understand human nature, and tries to recreate these emotions in the stories she writes.
    Susan has three publications to her credit:
    (1) A story for the now discontinued magazine Dogwood Tales, called “Gone Visiting.” It was inspired by her father, who had been placed in a nursing home. The story is dedicated to him.
    (2) An Amazon’s Kindle ebook: “Allegheny Shade.” (2014)
    (3) An Amazon’s Kindle ebook: “Surviving Nathan: A Murder Mystery set in the Dust Bowl.” (2017)

    SueC is currently working on her third novel, and short stories.
    Vancouver, Canada
    MENTOR Mystery and Historical Poetry, poetic theory & history, literary criticism, fiction, language use in an inarticulate era. On the twisted Mr. Hyde side, I’m a skilled business & technical writer.
    Retired prof. Canadian univ, English lit., former Head, Commun. Dept. BC Institute of Tech. Poetry published in CAN., US, UK, Germany, India—journals & numerous anthologies. Poems awarded first prize in three Publisher’s contests, US & UK, 2014-2017. Interested in relevance of the great myths, classical & NA Indian, to modern social/personalennui . Experiments in poetic Form. Role of poetry in modern world. Putting together a book of poetry now, & working on two novels (both crime dramas).

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