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  • How to convert a url address into an embedded text hyperlink

    (originally posted by Sam and garza)

    Sam: It's a little complicated, but here goes:

    First, use the square brackets to start. [ Next, type the letters 'url=www.writingforums.com' into the bracket (or whatever your hyperlink is) and then close: ] Next, type the word you want to replace the 'www.' with. Most people use 'this'. Now, open your square brackets again: [ Next, type in the following: /url]. That's all she wrote.

    This is what it will look like: Use this link

    garza: I do it a different way. There is a hyperlink tool in the toolbar. Highlight the word you want to serve as the link, press the hyperlink button - it's a globe with a chain link beside it - and when the link window opens type in the address. I always underline and bold the link to make it obvious, like this.

    Hyperlinks are used with virtual addresses, names, to avoid having to remember the string of numbers that makes up the ip (Internet Protocol) address. Thus to link the word this to my freebie website, I highlighted the word, pressed the hyperlink button on the toolbar (fifth button from the right), and when the window opened I typed in writebelize.yolasite.com, the virtual address. I also underlined 'this' and made it bold so it would be an obvious link. Click on it and you will see.
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