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  • The Dark Art Of Posting.

    (First Posted by Bazz Cargo)

    The Dark Art Of Posting.


    Gleaned from the steady application of making mistakes, I have a few things to share. Hopefully other, more experienced posters will chip in along the way with a few choice hints and tips.

    First off there are some useful locked-off threads at the top of every thread listing. They are called 'stickies' they contain the rules, and other helpful information.

    What makes a good poster?

    Reading other posters work and commenting on it. You need no special skill, your SPAG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar), need not be world class. Just letting the writer know you enjoyed their work, or if they failed to capture your interest. A few lines explaining why would be good. If you can provide something more detailed, feel welcome to do so. Writers need readers.

    Be polite, be honest. Do not take offence if someone is clumsy in their attempt to help.

    Not everyone is as they seem, there are members with Dyslexia. OCD. And other problems. There are very young members who at first appear quite mature, and sometimes you can get your genders muddled.

    Everyone starts at the same place, worried about how their work will be received. Worried about offending someone by clumsy commenting. It will take a little while to gain some confidence, or at least lessen the fear. Every post helps. Practice, it works for writers, athletes and artists.

    If you find a like minded individual, consider a friend request.

    Do not put out personal information! If you do so, you cannot take it back.

    If you wish to work with a partner, or team, how about setting up a writer's group?

    Have fun!


    Please be polite and put roughly how many words your story or article contains in the title.

    Adult themes and language(Swearing) (Sexual Content) warnings must be noted inside brackets in the title box.

    As a rule it is best to avoid introductions. Posting is an invitation in itself for help and comments. Self deprecation will only put readers off.

    There are some individuals who have a unique style all of their own. There are some who wish to see a common style. This is your choice. If you want to make it easier for the reader try to stick to a common format.

    Putting spaces between paragraphs, using a font that can be read without a magnifying glass and sticking to the punctuation rules as best you can are recommended.

    Poor presentation will put readers off.

    I expect to add to this as I learn more. If anyone else can add something, I will gladly learn from it.

    If there any questions, try asking them here. Hopefully someone will have an answer.

    Good luck and good posting!
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