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    We hadn’t been camping in years; in fact, I didn’t think my wife would ever agree to camp again. We decided to give it another try. It was perfect – it was Paradise.

    The Tahquamenon River starts its journey to Lake Superior approximately 70 miles south of Whitefish bay. The river starts very modestly in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Only a small stream at first, but it quickly grows as it is fed by 800 square miles of watershed. Bear, elk, deer, wolves, and moose are some of the wonders of the animal kingdom that can be seen throughout the pristine-untouched land. The river, along its journey, has several drops that create breathtaking waterfalls. The state of Michigan has recognized the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the Tahquamenon Falls, and has created one of the most amazing park systems I have ever seen.

    The area has historical significance as well. Whitefish Point, which is just a few miles from the falls, is a key ship navigation point on the great lakes. Numerous ships have met their demise while traveling through this area of Lake Superior. In fact most of you are probably familiar with one wreck which was immortalized in a song written by Gordon Lightfoot called “The Wreck of The Edmond Fitzgerald.” The ship went down before it was able to reach the safety of Whitefish Harbor during gale-force wind November of 1975. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater body of water in the world. Deep and very cold – the lake is unforgiving. For me the beauty of it is best enjoyed from shore. One of the lines in Gordon Lightfoot’s song says: “Superior – they say – never gives up its dead when the gales of November turn gloomy.” I, having tried swimming in Lake Superior, can attest to the fact that it is so cold that it takes your breath away. No one can survive more than a few minutes in the unforgiving waters.

    I have lived in Michigan all of my life, and for some reason have never visited the area until last weekend. We camped in a tent at the lower falls campground. Our site was at the very back of the campground. The first night was magical. The air was as fresh as air could possibly be. As I stretched out in the tent I was thinking about how excited I was to start shooting some photographs in the morning. At that moment it dawned on me that the sound that I had been hearing down in the valley behind us was that of the falls roaring below. I took another deep breath, and tried to think of words that could accurately describe what I was feeling at that moment. The best I could come up with is that, to me, the Tahquamenon Falls has to be like that which the bible describes as The Garden of Eden. I continued to think of the falls as Eden, and then a light went off in my head. The small town that we were near was called Paradise. This is the Garden of Eden, and I ‘am’ in Paradise.

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