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  • The Tyranny of the Mocking Jay Bird

    I saw you climbing, in the shadow of that rusty chrome spoke. Your fuzzy, dark
    hair glinted in the late-afternoon sun. Countless, tiny feet gripped the grey, cracked
    rubber as you scaled the heights. Below you, menacing, prickly weeds stabbed upward
    from the hard, rocky earth.

    Your progress was painfully slow. Deliberate and careful was each step. Your
    body inched together, then stretched over and over. The tread of the tire provided an
    extra grip for you as you neared the shadow of the seat above.

    I knew that you must be tired, but rest was waiting for you. You picked a fine
    place to spin, as the bicycle was long forgotten and ignored. You undoubtedly hoped for
    this as well. Sometimes, to be unseen was a good thing.

    Later, you would emerge. The hard work of climbing, spinning the cocoon and,
    and the marvelous change… it would all be worth it. After drying your new, beautiful
    wings in the sun, you’d fly! Flowers would beckon you to them, as the wind caressed
    you breathtaking body.

    I saw the movement before I saw the shape. The blue blur dropped from the sky,
    azure lightning blazed at the spot in front of me. I involuntarily stepped back, as the
    angular shape curved upward and arched toward the bike. As the bird slowed, I saw it’s
    dark eye focus on the tiny black spot on the bike tire. I felt a scream build inside. I
    wanted to lunge forward. I stood motionless, and did nothing. As I saw that eye again, I
    understood. I too knew what it was like to be hungry.

    As the Jay climbed skyward, I reached out to the bike frame, and gently caressed
    it. Looking upward, the blue bird’s sharp shape was punctuated by a small, fuzzy line in
    the front. The black line in the beak wiggled helplessly, as a gentle spring breeze lifted
    them both to another place.

    The caterpillar knew flight, in the end. It just wasn’t under the circumstances that
    he had hoped for. It seems that that is often the case.
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