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  • 10/4/2012 - LM - For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

    The April Challenge

    A reminder of the prizes awarded to the winner of the LM.
    Their entry will appear in the WF Newsletter, which is a good chance to get your work widely circulated.
    Now we are also offering a Friends of WF (FoWF) subscription free for a month to the first place winner!

    So, do your best.

    This time around in the LM Forum we borrow from Hemingway for our inspiration. The prompt is:

    For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn
    In 650 words, write a story where the line above is either the title, or is included in the story, or is in some way the theme of the story. So there should be many ways to connect to the prompt.

    The judges for this round are Potty, Bazz Cargo, Bruno Spatola, and Gamer_2k4.
    (To the judges, send your scores to Like a Fox via PM - and if we could aim to have them sent a week after the closing date that would be ideal.)

    Now a recap of the rules:
    1.The word limit is 650 words not including the title. If you go over - Your story will not be counted.
    2.You can no longer edit your entry after posting. There will be a 10-minute grace period, if you want to go in there and edit a typo or something, but you should approach this as if you were submitting your work to be published and paid for. When you submit, that should be your final work, the work you are happy with.
    3.And of course, there can only be one entry per member.

    As always, there are two ways to post your entry:

    You can opt to have your entry posted in the LM Workshop Thread which is a special thread just for LM entries in the Writer's Workshop. You would put your story there if you wish to protect your first rights (in case you want to someday submit the work to a magazine or whatnot). Take note: If you have elected to put your entry there in the Workshop thread you must copy the link into the main competition thread or else it will not be counted.

    If you aren't too concerned about your first rights, then you could place your here entry in the LM Challenge thread.

    Everyone is welcome to participate. Judges are welcome to participate, too, but their entries will not receive a score.

    This competition will close on Tuesday the 24th of April. To avoid confusion the thread will close at 11:59pm (Tuesday Night) LOS ANGELES, USA time.

    (So in Melbourne, Australia Like a Fox won’t be closing it until Wednesday evening. Chances are your time difference slots you somewhere in between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. To be safe, have it done by Tuesday night, wherever you are.)

    No comments, please - Only competition entries (and links to) to be posted in this thread.
    Also hold off on the likes until the judging's done.

    Now that all's set, let the writing begin!
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