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    Back to work now. A little piece about contrast.


    Looking for New Bedding in Wal-Mart at Night

    What an interesting place,
    this suburban church of commerce –
    where thirteen-year olds sport short shorts
    and baby bumps – and nearby,
    beautiful people model themselves
    in ten-dollar jeans. This place,
    where some aisles are fashion runways,
    and others are back alley throwaways.

    I clutch Plath in my back pocket
    and watch an old man christen a watermelon.
    His hands look wooden,
    his shoulders slump small. Who is the woman
    who stands beside him? She is tall,
    and black, and skinny.
    Her hair looks like a thousand sun-fried worms.
    She wears gray sweat pants – her underwear lines protrude
    like freshly planted sod
    clumsily laid over a freshly dug hole.

    A priest with a cross the size of a tangerine
    stands in front of his shopping cart
    looking for revelation
    in his decision of blue or black hangers.
    His dark robes are pressed –
    his beard is stark white. He stands in front
    of the linens I came for. It is all too much –
    I turn back – make sure Sylvia hasn’t left me.
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