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  • The Star War Factor reviewed by Michael Scott

    The Star War Factor by Robert Staniford

    Reviewed by Michael Scott

    This book is a very compelling read. That's not praise I give out lightly. Its pace is breathtaking and the flashes of everyday life which are woven in give reality to the characters. Building on factual happenings and using real life settings, the writer gives the fantasy elements of this book strong credibility.

    I don't want to give too much away but I found the premise of this book thought provoking and it left me with a strong desire to look into some of the issues raised. The main character is thrown into a nightmare experience when, after experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs, he writes a novel which is a prediction of the future. His world is turned upside down when covert agencise discover the book contains information which is highly classified. When the events predicted in the book start to happen the impact begins to effect even those who control World events.

    Some interesting issues are raised concerning the effect of nuclear testing on the environment and a possible connection between underground testing and natural disasters. The book also shines an ironic light on the "Star Wars" defense program. It takes it into the area of "black projects" and then introduces it as the actual cause of a global nuclear conflict.

    A few Biblical references are thrown into the mix to enhance the prophetic theme. There are also some rather disturbing elements relating to cloning and artificial intelligence.

    The book spans several decades, starting in the 1970s and finsihing at some point in the near future. The end really blew me away and left me guessing and wanting more. If this is book one then I can't wait to read book two.

    I can see a really great movie in this one and I can already envision the cast for it.

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    The Star War Factor by Robert Staniford
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