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    Just some thoughts, hope something here helps

    First, I think a big problem people have (especially when writing their first novel) is that they start out with a series in mind, rather than focusing on the small miracle it takes to get that first book published, let alone setting up a series. Remember that you have to sell your idea to an agent, an editor, a publisher and (hopefully some day) the world. That is, all by itself, a very difficult thing to accomplish. Focus on the first novel and let that be your everything. Worrying about how book six is going to play out before you've written 40 pages of the first one is a waste of time.

    There are many ways to actually produce the work... you might be a meticulous planner, world-building ahead of time and fleshing out environments, characters and plot points prior to writing Chapter One. You might be better served just producing, grinding out as much as you can and pushing past stalls or scene-skipping to keep it moving, then returning to edit copy edit copy restructure and redraft. It really depends on what works for you - but keep in mind that paramount to a writer is production. Putting work down on paper. That is the goal.

    Try an outline. Figure out how the first book is going to start and end. Forget about the rest. Make sure that first story is solid all by itself. Ask yourself the writer questions... is it interesting? Is it something fresh and notable? Who's the protagonist? What are the conflicts? Does the story move well, or stagnate in the middle? Did I overdo it with that dwarf banter in chapter four? What drives the antagonist? Did I feed the kids today? What day is it?

    ...you know, the normal stuff.

    Write your plot points or the twists and workshop them. Write the scene and seek feedback. Google "how to get published" and read, read, read.
    Like this: Getting Published Is Not Enough: Part I | How Publishing Really Works or this: 10 steps to getting published Writing Tips by Alice Kuipers

    Search for novel writing tips, like these:
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    Advice on Novel Writing

    Hope something there helps. Best of luck to you and remember that you are only as productive and successful as you allow yourself to be! Cheers

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