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    First post! I would appreciate some feedback on this little snippet I wrote. Thanks.

    The Most Succulent Cupcake Ever Made

    "These cupcakes are delicious."
    "Don't do that."
    "Don't do what?"
    "Say these cupcakes are delicious when they taste like dirt."
    "You don't really mean that."
    "Of course I mean that. I don't care if your parents told you this was an award winning recipe, they taste like D-I-R-T, dirt."
    "You're just not giving them a chance. If you open yourself up a little and try it you will find they are delicious."
    "Open myself up!? I have tried these cupcakes. I know everything about them. I've read the recipe and I probably know it better than you. Trout in a cupcake. Really? Regardless, they are disgusting and you should open yourself up to the idea that you're wrong."
    "Well, one day I'm going to stand on an award stage with these cupcakes. How do you think you will feel then. I mean what if you're wrong and these are the best cupcakes ever made."
    "I have to be honest, were I picking cupcakes to stand by, I would pick one not covered in prune icing."
    "You're being irrational. You don't realize what this cupcake has done for you."
    "Done for me?"
    "Yes, done for you. It was made just for you. I understand it may have a flavor you don't like at first but it still is here and is going to provide you sustenance for another day. You are nothing if not ungrateful."
    "I think I can handle that on my own. I don't need to eat a cupcake I never wanted."
    "How do you know. How do you know that you won't leave here today and lose your job, lose your marriage, lose everything you love because you rejected a kind gift. It's bad karma to reject a tasty dessert you know."
    "These cupcakes aren't tasty. The molecular gastronomy course I took tells me that this cupcake is scientifically nauseating. I'm sorry, but you've been fooled."
    "My whole family loves these cupcakes. They have served them at every dinner my whole life. We wouldn't be doing that if they were disgusting. Some of my other friends are chefs and they like them too. That's proof enough for me."
    "The fact that you know more people that believe these horrid cupcakes are delicious doesn't really change the facts, regardless of their credentials."
    "I'm going to say this again, what if you're wrong. What if these turn out to be the best cupcakes you've ever tasted and you are missing out on something great because you're not giving it a chance."
    "I'm not wrong. They are disgusting. I can prove it in a variety of ways. You haven't given me any reason to believe otherwise except the fact that you believe otherwise."
    "I give up. You're just delusional."
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