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    Fran Lewis

    Reviewer Fran Lewis: Fran worked in the NYC Public Schools as the Reading and Writing Staff Developer for over 36 years. She has three masters degrees and a PD in Supervision and Administration. Currently. She is a member of Who's Who of America's Teachers and Who's Who of America's Executives from Cambridge. In addition, she is the author of three children's books and a fourth Alzheimerís book is Memories are Precious: Alzheimerís Journey: Ruthís story in honor of her mom. Fran hopes to create more awareness for a cure of Alzheimer. She was also the musical director for shows in her school and ran the school's newspaper. Fran writes reviews for authors upon request.

    Author: Ward R. Jones
    ISBN: 9781453805084
    Publisher: Create Space

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    Romeo and Juliet are two star-crossed lovers that meet, from different feuding families and two different worlds. Acceptance does not come easily and often families want their children to marry those within their own social and economic class. Norm Arnstein and Harriet Anderson are from two different worlds and of two different religious backgrounds. He is an Executive Attorney with Eternalrest Funeral Homes she is a newly appointed Shakespearean Professor and single mother. So, what could these two possibly have in common? That remains to be seen or possibly in the stars.

    Norm Arnstein and his brother Bruce are diametrically opposite in so many ways both living in their own private yet public worlds. Norm, an Executive Legal Council for Eternalrest Funeral Homes and Bruce the Mayor Of Isaactown who resents Norm for his success and way of life. Making a brief visit back to his hometown brings to light his true feelings for his brother, sister-in-law Bev and their mismatched lives. As the story unfolds even further Norm reflects on his feelings for Bev, her life with Bruce and the quality of life she faces living in Isaactown. Norm has little time to continue his reflections as he becomes more enveloped in his work, travels throughout the country trying to repair the damage, the lawsuits and unscrupulous dealings Eternalrest has been accused of without facing the ire of his immediate supervisor Irv who comes unglued at the slightest blimp in the road. But there is much more to come as I review After Isaatown by author Ward Jones

    Walking in the city Norm catches a glimpse of a woman resembling Bev walking on Amsterdam Avenue after leaving a business meeting. Following the path she is taking and trying to escape a major thunderstorm, he follows her into Lincoln Center hoping that itís Bev. Disappointment does not set in as sitting directly behind this mystery woman he realizes his error but remains where he is. Harriet Anderson is the mother of a ten -year old child struggling to keep up with the other ballet dancers on stage. Norm enters a new phase in his life and there might be no turning back as Norm and Harriet meet and the rest remains to be seen.

    Working as a corporate attorney for Eternalresting and Harriet for a University each has numerous responsibilities with pressures of their own. Norm trying to settle various law suits and Harriet trying to teach English literature and dealing with the head of the humanities department who has his own agenda in mind. Added to this is Jenny, Harrietís daughter who seems well adjusted enough but needs her motherís time too. When these two characterís lives intertwine and slow down for a first date at the Waldorf, a romance ignites but not in the way you think. Intellectual conversations, each interested in each otherís career author Ward Jones takes the reader on a different kind of journey into the lives of two very intelligent and different people who just might beat the odds and wind up together. Interruptions occur pulling Norm in different directions, forced to go on trips he would rather avoid, just how much stress can one man take and what affect will it have on our couple and their new found friendship? Trying to connect with Harriet, missed opportunities, unanswered phone calls and long trips that prove dangerous at times, Norm begins to realize what is really important to him and hopefully before itís too late. One man, so many responsibilities, forced to play by someone elseís rules, fighting to keep the lawsuits at a minimum and hoping to get some respite from it all, Norm begins to feel the wear and tear on his health and realizes he better slow down. Harriet, often many time zones away dealing with the stress of being a single parent, having to live within her means and hoping to give her child the love, support and guidance she needs to cope with the many problems that are brought to light in this novel. Will their two worlds collide and will the collision bring them together or not? What does happen will surprise the reader when Norm and Harriet finally do connect, have some memorable dates, reveal their pasts and inner most thoughts and frustrations as this bittersweet and atypical romance continues to bloom. Intellectual conversations, discussions about Shakespeare, direct involvement in each otherís careers, and one manís hope to rid himself of his guilt ridden past, author Ward Jones weaves a story that is so well crafted, very written and thought provoking as you enter the heart, mind and lives of both Norm and Harriet and hope they permanently unite.

    Can one workaholic and one Shakespearean scholar ever clear their overly packed schedules and make time for each other? One surprise revelation that might change the course of everything and family emergencies that prove where loyalties lie, and one ten year old girl named Jenny who brings it all home. After Isaactown, a town slowly coming of age, thereís New York: the Waldorf where it all began. Read After Isaactwon and find out if Romance Or Work Prevails!
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