Historical Fiction

Waltzing in the Shadows

Waltzing in the Shadows

Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Fiction

Bill Sampson thought the desk job in an obscure office of the American embassy in Vienna would be a three year vacation. Instead, he finds himself walking in the Vienna Woods – with a target on his back. His casual friend, Ursula Weber turns out to be an Inspector in the Austrian state police. She gives him extremely accurate and sensitive information from an unknown source.

Some people high up in the Carter administration find the information threatening and send out a team to find and stop the flow of information. It is only when the new Reagan administration comes to power that Bill and Ursula are free of the threats to their lives.

Without realizing it, he and Ursula are watching the end of the Cold War – and the slow burn that will bring about major changes in the Islamic world to set the Middle East on fire.

Waltzing in the Shadows is about a secret society, intrigue, spy traps, hurt and anger at being used, and a budding romance when a friend comes to ease the pain – as predicted by a Gypsy fortune teller.

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