Memoirs of a Timelord

Memoirs of a Timelord

After dying from cancer, Jenna wakes to find herself on the far side of the known universe. Impossibly far from home, she soon learns that she was harvested from her deathbed by the DuNai for a very special purpose: To become Timelord for the Milky Way Galaxy.

Charged with socially engineering entire galaxies from inception to ascension, the Timelords have managed their domains for billions of years. With the ability to edit the timeline, these Temporal Editors act as the unseen hand, guiding civilizations towards enlightenment. Theirs is an incomprehensible responsibility, and one that requires vast amounts of schooling.

What follows is Jenna’s personal journals as she finds herself thrust into a strange new world. Enduring nearly two centuries of training and residency, she struggles to learn her craft in the hopes of finding her way home. In a story that will both fascinate and inspire, Memoirs treats the reader to a granular view of an apprentice’s day-to-day life.

Editor’s Note: This novel has no relation whatsoever to the Doctor Who series of books and TV shows.

These ain’t yer daddy’s Timelords.

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Tag: Fiction
ISBN: 1503202194
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