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For feminist entrepreneur Miriam Hunter, financing and leading humanity's maiden voyage to the Centaurus Arm is to be the fulfillment of a dream. For two centuries, space exploration has been dominated by men, to the extent that female voices are seldom heard on the frontiers of galactic expansion. Hunter intends that the Bona Dea, crewed entirely by women, will make such discoveries and break such bounds that this will never be the case again.

Chief Technician Flora Cartwright joined the mission as much to move on from a failed marriage as to help realise her captain's dream. Six years without men seemed the perfect balm for a wounded soul, until she met Charlie ... a robot placed on board for light recreation who proved too good to be true.

Both women will have their resolve tested when the expedition makes a historic discovery - intelligent life has bloomed beyond the Earth. For the planet of Mahi Mata holds secrets and dangers beyond their wildest dreams.

Or their darkest nightmares.

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