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  1. escorial's Avatar
    Dog training book sounds cool...I walked into a pet shop and a sign around a dog's neck read..talking dog for sale..
    I walked up to it and asked it to tell me about it's life...and to my amazment it started talking...well I was born into the army and seen alot of action and got a medal then I got injured and went to work for the police were I sniffed out drugs but things got on top and my last job was sniffing four bombs at the airport and got sacked and now I'm here up for sale...outraged I walked over to the counter an said to the owner it's a disgrace your selling a war hero who has spent his life saving people...the owner replied..it told you about his war an all the other stuff but what he never told you was he's a compulsive liar...
  2. EntrepreneurRideAlong's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Smith
    It's nice to see a new and energized face around here.
    Happy to be here learning from people like you!
  3. Smith's Avatar
    It's nice to see a new and energized face around here.
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