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  1. The House That Love Built

    A home
    for my family
    turned to dust before my eyes
    A loss
    I rock
    finding a new path
    Foreign road
    picking up pieces along the way
    To my childrenís new home.
  2. He Tries

    He tries
    to control me
    my life
    to find me
    to manage me
    to threaten me
    He scares me
    To take things from me
    My Children
    My home
    Our money
    My sanity
    I live in fear
    He wants to hurt me.
    he tries.
    he tries.
    He will not.
  3. Fear

    We all have fears.
    Itís an inborn trait.
    We must know fear to survive.
    To a certain extent.
    If I touch the pot without a mitt my hand will burn.
    What about unseen fear
    A seed planted in ones mind to grow
    They water the seed with whispers of failure
    How the seed had no chance of growing,,,sprouting.
    They own your fear 6E0E0571-801E-497D-838E-FF0C7C6EA96E.jpg
  4. Longest Night

    I am a mom.
    Itís my life. I know all momís say that. And itís true. Our children,,,for me anyway,,,are the most important part of my life. I conceived them. I carried them. I birthed them. I nursed them. Carried them on my back or front,,,sometimes both as I have 8 children. So I have seen a lot. Happy tears, sad tears, sickness, diagnosis of certain food allergies,,,one heart defect. I thought this little mamma had seen most everything until last week Wed night as my 15 yr old second son ...
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